Submissions for Issue 7 are currently closed. The theme for this issue was 'Secrets.' Non-themed submissions were accepted as well.

  1. Please visit our website ( to get to know us and what we're looking for.
  2. We encourage simultaneous submissions but we request you to withdraw your work as soon as it is accepted elsewhere.
  3. Submit to only one category in a single submission sitting.
  4. Please do not mention any identifying information in your submission title or uploaded file. We have a Blind Submissions Policy.
  5. We request you to follow all the genre-specific guidelines. 
  6. Please make sure you go through and check our Editorial Policies for Poetry, Fiction and Non-fiction.
  7. If your submission is themed, please make sure you check the box in the submission form. We are also open to non-themed submissions. 
  8. We follow an anti-plagiarism policy.
  9. Only previously unpublished work is accepted. Work published on personal blogs or social media is accepted as previously unpublished.
  10. Non-compliance to our submissions policies is likely to result in the rejection of your submission. 

NOTE: Despite our theme, we are not necessarily looking for genre submissions. However, we will read genre submissions if we receive them.